August 18-25 : Piano WebFest – Online Piano Festival & Course. Masterclasses, discussions, workshops, live concerts.


March 5 : Salerno, Italy piano recital

March 18-22 : Kastel d’Ursel, Belgium, Primavera pianistica international piano competition and Masterclasses

April 11-14 : Mayenne, France International piano competition, jury

April 16-18 : Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem Music Academy Masterclasses

May 2 -10 : Valencia, Spain Masterclasses, jury National piano competition


Masterclasses Museum Pancho Vladigerov, Sofia, Bulgarie.

February : masterclasses Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem Academy, Conservatory of Givataim, Israel

March 19th-24th : Primavera Pianistica Kastel Ursel, Belgium

April 14th-25th : Masterclasses in Valencia, Spain

May 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th : Jury International Piano Competition, Mayenne, France

May 24th ,25th ,26th : Jury, international piano competition, San Sepulcro, Italy

July 2nd-7th : Piano Summer School, Mayenne, France

August 20th-30th : Piano Festival, Poros, Greece

October 18th-22nd : Concert and masterclasses Moscow, Russia

October 29th- November 9th : International Liszt competition Bayreuth and Weimar, Germany

November 18th -21st: Grand Concours “Animato” Paris, France

December 11-18Taiwan International ensemble piano competition, jury;  Taipei, piano recital, masterclasses


February 3rd-19th 2017 : Masterclasses in Israel : Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem University, Tel Aviv Stricker Conservatory, Givataim Conservatory

March 20th-25th: Primavera Pianistica, Belgium piano festival

April 6th-10th: Valencia, Spain masterclasses

April 23th-26th: 10th Concours international de Mayenne, France

May: Jury for the Maria Guibilei International Piano Competition, San Sepolcro, Italy

July 3rd-10th: Masterclasses Mayenne, France

July 9th: concert Chateau Bourgon, Montourtier, France

July 15th: Recital Chopin in Allemans-du-Dropt, France

August 21st-31st: Poros, Greece international academy and piano festival

December concert, Sofia, Bulgaria


December: Concert, korean music in Paris, Salle Cortot with soprano Julia Mihyun Kho

October, master class for SBS korean television

October: Recital in Paris – Debussy: Trois œuvres pour orchestre transcrites pour piano Prélude à l’après-midi  d’un faune, Nocturnes, La Mer

September: Concerts, conference and masterclass Mannheim University, Germany

August: Poros Piano festival, Greece

July: Summer internship in Mayenne, France

June: Concerts with cellist Michal Borzykowski
Norway: Concerts and Masterclass, Oslo University

April: Jury 9nth international piano contest, Mayenne, France

March: Primavera pianisticafestival, Belgium

February :   Concerts for EPTA European Piano teachers association, Israel. Invited foreign soloist.  Master classes  in Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem University, Givataim Conservatory  and Conservatory of Tel Aviv Stricker.


December: Concerts in Barcelona and masterclasses at ESMUC, Spain
Concerts, Masterclasses in Warsaw and conference in Warsaw university, Poland

November Concerts two pianos with Steven Silvermann, FranceSeptember: Concerts and masterclasses for the Chinese Cultural University, Taiwan
conference et masterclasses  at the KNUE Korean National university of Education, Korea

August: Piano in Poros festival, Greece

July: Summer internship in Mayenne, France

April: Jury 8nth international piano contest, Mayenne, France